We are always looking for new music to add to our playlists and to give our listeners the "411" on up and coming or breaking bands. Have a new CD coming out, we can help you break it.

College Underground Radio stations have had over 2.4 MILLION listeners and website visitors. THAT IS ALOT OF EXPOSURE! This provides a vehicle for unsigned or undiscovered bands and artists to get your music heard and build new and more fans.

Bands or musicians who want to submit their music to College Underground Radio Los Angeles for consideration to be added to our playlists should submit 1 mp3 recording (so pick your best) and sign a release for us to play your music.

Here is what you get:

  • 1 track included in the next month's playlist rotation on this station
  • Rotation is approximately 3+ spins per day for a least 30, 60 or 90 days depending on the airtime you select.
  • Listed on the College Underground Radio Los Angeles playlist
  • Be heard by thousands of listeners and website visitors in 100+ countries

All submissions to College Underground Radio Atlanta are assessed an upload fee per recording to cover our basic costs. We are not asking you to pay to play, its just that to keep our radio station free, we need to help defray the costs of formating, editing and uploading to the music stream plus the people we pay to do this.


Choose Your Editing and Exposure Package

Directions: When you click "Submit Your Music" you will be directed to Paypal to handle the upload and editing fee. You can use a credit card or paypal. After payment, you will be redirected to a submission form which gives us permission to play your music and also is where you can upload your song track (MP3 File Only). 

Additional Instructions: 


  • Songs need to be edited for radio. We do not play music with explicit lyrics. 
  • MP3 music files only. Any other file formats might not be accepted.
  • "Instrumentals" and "EDM" music are only played on the Hip Hop-Rap-EDM ChannelThis incudes music for Block Party's.
  • No song tracks over 5 minutes in length without pre-approval from the Music Director
  • No Cover Music is allowed even if you have rights to use it, only original music can be submitted. The submission of Cover Music as your own music will cause the rejection of all of your music from broadcast. (Cover music is considered any music not originally produced by the submitting artist, traditional music may be exempt if over 100 years old and proven to be in the public domain.)
  • Music played is royalty free
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